From a humble beginning in 1994 with only 8 students, BLTA has evolved to
become a thriving learning institution.

Baruch Leadership Training Academy is registered with the State Board of
Independent Colleges and Universities, Department of Education as a Bible
College to offer correspondence courses, certificates, diplomas and degrees up
to the doctorate level. BLTA is therefore exempt from licensure by Florida
State Statue.

BLTA is affiliated with the Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship
(ORUEF). Credits are accepted from a wide range of peer organizations and
denominational boundaries including the Assemblies of God, Church of the
Nazerene, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Muslim, Methodist,
Presbyterian and Lutheran. Graduates may be found serving in such
professions as Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Chaplains, Private School
Teachers, Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists, Christian Counselors and

BLTA has over
fifteen years of experience in offering excellence in Christian
education. Over 5
87 successful graduates have passed through our halls of

Disclosure Policy
Credits and degrees earned from accredited colleges in the State of Florida
and other peer institutions do not automatically qualify a student for
ministry license,
or to participate in professional licensing exams, or to obtain
a teaching certification. Students should contact the proper licensing and
regulatory agencies in the field of interest. Additional credits and degrees
earned from BLTA may be accepted for employment in certain fields at the
discretion of the employer.

Disclaimer Policy
Transferability of credits earned at BLTA to another institution is at the
discretion of the receiving institution.

Registration is currently in progress for all programs.
Call for a
pre-enrollment interview.

Mail application along with registration fee to:
Baruch leadership Training Academy
730 N.E. 130 Street
Miami, Florida 33161

Call (305) 891-0201 or (305) 769-0042 for more details.

Admissions & Tuition
Contact us at the above-captioned address or phone number and EMAIL to
request an application form or information on a specific program. Our tuition
is affordable and comparable. Financial aid is available to qualified students
with a genuine need. Open enrollment and application process.

Missions Program
All Alumnae and current students are invited to join the Torchbearers
International Alliance (TIA) which provides hands-on missions opportunities
to exotic countries in the world. Request details at:

Alumni Association
All former and current students are invited to participate in the alumni
program. For more details and application, Email us at:


We have two campuses to conveniently serve you, located at:
12425 S.W. 216 Street (South Campus)
Goulds, Florida 33170
(305) 235-8610 or (235) 253-2051
(Meeting at Front Line Ministries)
*Pastor-Dr. Parnetha Smith/Director)

730 N.E. 130 Street (North Campus)
Miami, Florida 33161
(305) 769-0042 or (305) 891-0201
(Meeting at Baruch Christian Fellowship Ministries)
Bishop-Dr. Julieann Pinder - Academic Dean/Director

Evangelism    Missions         Pastoral Studies        Theology
Divinity         Business         Practical Ministry      Christian Counseling
Theology        Life Skills      Visions & Dreams     Pastoral Studies
                                         Time Management     Organization Skills               
                                          Christian Education   *Plus much more....

*Credit for life Experience       *Programs completed in one year
*Student Referral Bonus $$$   *Special Certificates completed in 6 months
*Year round Enrollment          *Courses offered at a campus nearby
*Financial Aid                          *Low Tuition and Payment Plan      

Space limited. The next class begins with you. Its not too late to learn.
Register today.
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