BCFM is a non-denominational thriving church in the Miami area, where
Jesus Christ is Lord and the Holy Spirit empowers believers in each
service with life-changing messages from the Un-changing Changer.
Like the ever-green myrtle tree, we are a local church which is turning
nations upside-down through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are an
outreach for effectuating changes, facilitating spiritual growth, and
development of the whole-man (body, soul, and spirit) in all believers.

We are reaching out to strengthen our Haitian, Hispanic, Caribbean,
Bahamian and all other believers in our community with the gospel.
Looking for help? Bring the sick, hurting, depressed, addicted and those
afflicted by demon-possession. A miracle awaits you and your
loved-ones. All are welcome. We are currently reaching out to our local
community with a Family Counseling, GED/FCAT Literacy, Mentoring
Programs and more.

We are simultaneously reaching out to South Africa on the air with our
Radio Broadcast Healing Streams of Grace each Wednesday at 10:00
p.m. and acquiring land to build a campus of our Bible College/Vocational
Training Center to help enhance the quality of life for all Africans in
Sekondi, Ghana, Africa. We are also reaching out to India and the
Philippines with our Bible Literacy and Mentoring Programs. Our project
goal is $1,000,000.00 for the year 2016. Perhaps you would like to go to
the mission fields and are unable to do so. Please consider sharing your
donation with us to help under-privileged families in one of these
countries with a one time or monthly donation of $100, $300, $500, $1000,
$5000 or more. Your contribution can be made on our site through:
Our Mission
Baruch Christian Fellowship Ministries
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