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Ministry Tools

Faith & Miracles

Are you cruising the faith highway looking for new solutions?
Would you like to know more about miracles? Discover life-
changing and empowering miracles stories inside the pages of
this book. Helpful information is provided here for all believers.
A must read and have for all gospel ministers.

139 pages, paperback
AT001 $15.95
A Fathering Spirit Among Us

During the lean and lonely times of life, the unfailing plan of God for
your life always keep you moving forward in the life line. This book
will provide comfort, hope and encouragement to all who may have
lost their way or lag behind. Great reference tool for all believers.

110 pages, paperback
AT015 $15.95
On Becoming A Leader

Do you need to enhance your leadership and ministerial skills? This
book offers relevant insight into effective Christian Service. Readers
will learn skills on how to become a successful leader in any area of life.
A must have and read desk reference guide for Sunday School Teachers,
Pastors, Scholars and Ministers.

120 pages, paperback
AT012 $15.95
Spiritual Fruit, Gifts, Works & Callings: Growing Your Fruit

Here are some strategies and techniques in growing your fruit of
the spirit Have you ever wondered what your fruit look like? Keep
reading and you will be surprised. A must have practical guide for
self-motivation and increase.

139 pages, paperback
AT002 $16
The Ministry of Intercession & Apostolic Order

Learn the ABCs of intercession for praying effectively at different
levels. Your battle plan in prayer must always contain a winning
strategy. Apostolic order and how it unfolds in your life is now
made simple. This book provides straight talk on the subject of
prayer and apostolic order. A must have guide for all leaders and
prayer warriors.

152 pages, paperback
AT003 $15.95
Dreamscape, Volume I

Understanding Dreams, Visions, Parables and Dark Sayings have
now been simplified and placed in this practical guide. Like Joseph
and Daniel, God still have dream interpreters today. Pinder provides
over twenty years of insightful experience in helping readers
understand this exciting topic. A must have desk reference tool.

120 pages, paperback
AT004 $15.95
Dreams That Avail Much

Your dream symbols may contain the answers to solve life's problems.
The church is no longer hidden but in plain view of God's revelation
knowledge for things in the dreamer's real world. Divinely applied
knowledge provides an advantage into successful outcomes. A must
read for spiritual enlightenment.

177 pages, paperback
AT005 $15.9
Cry of The Lioness

Your future belongs to you! What you do to develop it right now
determines the kind of destiny and progress you will manifest.
Mastering your God-given gift and assignments are outlined in this
book for all believers. Must read for female leaders.

253 pages, paperback
AT006 $15.95
  Judgments of the Heart (Red)

A sequel to the Book called Deliverance Here & Now. Pinder explores
the topic of demonology and occult practices to provide valuable
information for Christian ministers. From 29 years of experience in
exorcising demons and training others to work effectively in the
Deliverance Ministry, this is a valuable resource tool for pastors,
ministers and counselors.

60 pages paperback.
AT029 $12.00
When Seasons change, Volume 3,
This is a guide to understanding dream numerology and symbols.
Looking for practical answers and solutions to life's problems?
This book helps you to connect the seasons of your purpose and
assignments from a supernatural perspective. A great resource
tool for all Christians

AT035  $16.95
130 pages paperbac
Relationships Under Fire

From the beginning, relationships have always been under
attack by dark forces and unscrupulous people. Learning how
to develop better ones and preserve the bonds of peace with
others is a worthwhile effort. The application of godly principles
is outlined in this book.
Divorce, remarriage and stormy
relationships are topics of interest. Pinder shares wisdom,
spiritual insight and over 26 years of professional experience
from the front line of the counseling ministry. A must read and
have desk reference tool for pastors, counselors,ministers and

232 pages, paperback  
AT009 $17.95
  Angels at the Gates, Vol. I

Do you believe in angels? This book provides eye witness accounts of
angels in prophetic revelations through dreams about global events (rise
of homosexuality, Persian Gulf War I, Iraqi War II, dismantling of the
Soviet Union, rise of women to power in key global positions, increase
in natural disasters and more). Pinder presents biblical teachings on the
role and function of angels. A must read and have personal guide for all.

60 pages paperback.
AT012 $12.00
  Angels at the Gates, Vol. II

Do you still believe in angels? This is part two of this series which
provides intense eyewitness accounts of the continuing role and
function of angels in prophetic revelations through dreams about global
events (Persian gulf War II, spread of terrorism, dismantling of Iraq,
rise to power of the United States to global policing powers, demonic
forces at work in desecration of the temple, national famine and more).
Pinder gives biblical insight into angelic activities. A must read and have
personal guide for bible scholars, pastors and eschatologists.

65 pages paperback.
AT013 $12.00.
  Angels at the Gates, Vol. III

Do you still believe in hell and angels? My journey to hell was quite
sobering. This is part 3 of this series which provide a sobering, life-
changing experience about the finality of your life. Based on eye-
witness accounts of the continuous roles and function of angels in
prophetic revelations through dreams about global events (rise of false
religions, desecration of God's temple, economic decline and condition
of the soul in the death and dying process). Pinder challenges readers
to engage in self-introspection. A must read and have personal guide.  

65 pages paperback.
AT014 $12.00.
Crows Nest on Eagles Hill

Have you ever wondered why certain people advance into prosperity
in life while others lag behind? God raised you up and placed you on
eagles hill to thrive. Discover wisdom tips for your success in this book.
Never allow crowiness from crowy people abort your mission. A must
have reference source for all aspiring  leaders.

163 pages, paperback
AT008 $15.95
Challenge Your Change

A challenge always comes before a change. Learn what good
and negative changes are really about. Before you take another
step into your future, stop and consider a best practice method
or approach to greater rewards. A must read and desk reference
guide for everyone seeking change.

190 pages, paperback
AT016 $15.95
  Understanding Heaven

Do you believe in heaven? Heaven is a real place in the abode of God.
My numerous journey into heaven will draw you closer to a divine
encounter.A theological approach to understanding the realm of the
divine. This refreshing book provides biblical teachings. Readers
will learn strategies for personal maturation and growth. A must
read and have personal guide.

55 pages paperback.
AT017 $12.00
Revelation: The Guide For Life

Need guidance or resolutions? Pinder offers you timeless and
priceless godly promising insights for practical living. Follow
and learn the links between theology and psychology. A must
have desk reference guide for all gospel Ministers.

184 pages, paperback
AT020 $15.95
Mentoring God's Way

Leaders need a seasoned mentor. Every business owner and
minister need life coach. This book is a practical guide for all
pastors, administrators, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers,
educators, and others who help to develop lives. Learn the
biblical approach and application. A must read and have in your

233 pages, paperback
AT019 $23.95
  From The Depths of My Soul

What should you know about soul cure and soul care? Pastors, ministers,
counselors and bible scholars will appreciate the fresh insight. This book
provides leadership development and supervisory tools on the topics of
pastoral psychology and theological strategies. A personal and leadership
module. A must have desk reference tool.

45 pages paperback.
AT020 $12.00.
Deliverance Here & Now

Understanding your calling to the Deliverance Ministry is now
simplified into a learning process. This book provides tips on
how to conduct self-help deliverance that impact a character
change. A must have desk reference guide for all gospel Ministers.

184 pages, paperback
AT018 $15.95
Goal Attainment & Management

Goal attainment and management are simplified to develop
aspiring ministers and ordinary people. Learn a new proven
and approach that can successfully advance you across the
finish line. A must have desk reference copy.

240 pages, paperback
AT028  $23.95
  Healing Streams of Grace

Do you feel like are not advancing in life? Healing Streams of grace
confronts issues. A counseling approach which provides biblical
insight and sound doctrine for readers, tools and skills for pastors,
ministers, scholars and lay-ministers. A must read and have desk
reference guide.

60 pages paperback.
AT023 $12.00
  Living In The Shadows

Are you struggling with doctrinal issues on tithing? Living in The
Shadows provide both biblical insight and a challenge for readers.
Discussions present godly principles to live by which produces
prosperity. A must read and have desk reference tool.

53 pages paperback.
AT024 $12.00.
Riding On Eagles Wings

This is a fresh approach to biblical standards and counseling and
effectuating change in all readers. No matter the challenge, you
can beat the odds and increase to have a productive, successful life.
A must read and have desk reference guide.

120 pages paperback.
AT025 $17.95
Beholding His Glory Again

This book provides an electrifying awakening and inspirational
encounter with the Holy Spirit in understanding levels of growth. It
is no secret that God’s glory produces positive change. A must have
and read for pastors and lay-ministers. Learning how to make a fresh
start in life and continue on the right path in life are valuable lessons
from God. This book introduces you to an understanding of how
glory works together for your good. You can and will be elevated in
glory. Learn how. A great resource for struggling believers.

110 pages paperback.
AT014 $17.95.
  Tender Moments (Poems and Wisdom Tips)

Looking for a way to refresh your faith and receive inner healing? This
collection of poems and inspirational verses can do so and more. May be
converted into songs and hymns. Each reader will take a journey into
spiritual rest.

150 pages paperback.
AT027 $15.95
  On Becoming A Teacher
Coming Soon
The Discipleship Dilemma: Keys For Anger Management

Are you struggling with uncontrolled anger? Learn the truth
about seducing spirits and their role in uprooting church-goers.
Learn more about your role of discipleship. A desk reference
tool for every pastor and minister.

AT030 $16.95
109 pages paperback
  Demons, Doctrines & Devils

Do you desire to know more about demonology? Do you have
a call to ministry? This is a must have guide for those in the
deliverance and counseling ministries. A great tool for pastors
and Christian Educators

AT031  $12.00
65 pages paperback
Dance With The king

A worship encounter of a different kind. An over-flowing anointing
leaps off each page into your heart. The perfect tool for
worshippers and those called to the ministry of worship. This is a
call to the Ministry of Worship. Learning how to maintain your
place before the throne of God is no longer a struggle. Abiding in
the secret place of the Most High produces secrets that yield an
abundance of joy and miracles.

167 pages, paperback
AT007 $15.95
New Release
Dreaming For Living, Volume II

This book provides tools for putting godly dreams into action
and encourages readers to interpret their dream symbols. The
way forward has always been through creativity, continuity and
change. A must read for all believers.

120 pages, paperback
AT010 $15.95
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  The Carpenter's Song
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Healing Streams of Grace CD (Prayer of Baruch Part I)
Baruch (Prayer of Baruch Part 1)

A prophetic worship song with a novelty message of peace, healing, comfort and
hope for all who are in a conflict especially our Jewish brothers and sisters. Spoken
word to heal the hurting.  A must have for the worshipper and those who are called
to the Ministry of Worship.

AT046 $10.00 (CD)
Coming Into Your Day CD featuring The Prayer of Baruch (Barack) Part II.
Soul stirring worship music, Prophecy about our new African-American President, Barack Obama and he hit song A Great Change" plus more....

Here are a few of the direct links to some of the websites where Coming Into Your Day is available:;jsessionid=F432787E45AEF5CBFA113BF2B00C2C4E

II- pinder/coming-into-your-day

New Release
CD047  $10.00
The Prayer of Baruch Booklet

Insights into the prophetic hit song and monologue for the CD
Healing Streams of Grace.

20 pages, paperback
AT046  $10.00

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