From a Catholic background which spanned almost twenty years to a
conversion and calling to pastorate, Julieann Pinder emerged in the gospel
ministry in the 1980's. She was empowered by the Holy Spirit and ushered
forth to a global ministry. Her prophetic voice has spoken accuracy and truth
to many nations and many people who witnessed those prophecies come to pass.

Without a complete understanding of the calling, Julieann Pinder accepted the
challenge in faith and has touched the lives of thousands of people with a
message of salvation, healing, and deliverance. She currently serves as the
Bishop of four thriving churches: U.S.A., Bahamas and Philippines.

Julieann Pinder has been called a "statesman" and pioneer of the gospel in
remote areas of the world going into frontiers where women were forbidden to
preach. Her philosophy is that "God has truly granted me favor among men."
It has been men who extended a heartfelt invitation to participate in
conferences, workshops, symposiums, and revivals all around the world.

Today, she is an inspiration to thousands around the world with a life-changing
message. She is the Founder of Baruch Christian Fellowship Ministries
Church in Miami, Florida where her husband Princey Pinder is the Senior
Pastor. With a small congregation of people who love the Lord, together they
have turned nations upside-down with the gospel and they are known for the
working of miracles. In addition to pastoring, she is the Founder/Academic
Dean of Baruch Leadership Training Academy (Bible College) which maintains
a track record of about 873 successful graduates over the past 20 years, who
are employed in the field as pastors, chaplains, missionaries, evangelists, and
other para-professionals.

She has traveled extensively preaching the gospel across the United States and
to over 36 countries around the world including Africa, Europe, United
Kingdom, Philippines, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, China, Great Britain,  and
other regions. God has anointed and still utilizes her to win souls, cast out
demons, heal the sick, raise the dead and bring comfort to the down-trodden.
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